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This video makes me cry ;-; Idk. It’s beautiful.

omg… so weird stumbling on an old video I made on tumblr. I’m quite impressed this is still being watched!!!! :D <3

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This is when Keith and Rebecca Harkin are singing “The Book of Love” on the Cruise of 2013, and Rebecca messes some lyrics up. Keith looks at his sister, confused, because he is harmonizing and she changed up a lyric. In the second gif, he deliberately looks over her shoulder at the notes. Then he just stares at her before shaking his head. A few seconds later, she inches closer to the notes and smiles.

Nice save on Keith’s part; it’s okay, Rebecca. If it makes you feel better, Keith forgot the second verses of “Last Christmas” one time.

I love you guys too much.

If you haven’t heard these two sing, you need to listen to them.